Top 10 Topics that Interest Dog Owners

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Most dog owners love to learn more about things they can do to help their dogs “live their best life.” Their interests span the gamut from understanding what foods their dogs can eat as well as those they should stringently avoid to why their dog reacts a certain way to particular stimuli. With so much information on the internet today, it can be difficult for a dog owner to know where to turn to get the right information. That’s why The Pet Friendly House applies their focus to gathering a comprehensive list of reliable articles regarding dogs and their care.

Can dogs eat nuts?

Is there anything more gratifying than sharing a bit of your snack with your best canine pal? Many dog owners like to give their dogs “people food” for a little treat from time to time. However, not all foods that are designed for human consumption are safe for dogs to enjoy.

Dogs will eat just about anything, and that’s why many dog owners are interested in learning if nuts are safe for their dogs to eat… more

Why do dogs howl at sirens and horns? 

Ever wonder if your dog is a little bit on the odd side? Every dog has unique characteristics that help define who they are. But some behavior is common to all dogs, so when dog owners experience their dog reacting to a particular environmental cue, it is only natural that they hit the “net” in search of answers.

Since many dogs like to sing the song of their people at the presence of different sounds, the topic “Why do dogs howl at sirens and horns?” is a popular one for most pet owners… more

Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

Does Fido sit at your feet drooling every time you reach for a bulb of garlic to prepare your supper?  Dogs naturally love the taste and smell of this aromatic vegetable. But is it safe for dogs to consume… more

Are Peanuts Safe for Dogs?

Peanut allergies are common in people, so it stands to reason that conscientious dog owners wonder if the same problem might apply to their dogs. Peanut butter is the favorite snack of many dogs, and owners often use it to help get medications into pooches who would stubbornly refuse taking it otherwise.

But is the humble peanut a nut that dogs can enjoy without fear of health repercussions? Find out the answer in this article… more

Can I Give My Dog Pumpkin?

Those who love pumpkin really love it, and dogs feel the same way about this brilliantly colored gourd: either they love it…or they don’t. If your pooch is an avid pumpkin fan, is it safe to add a touch of it to their food from time to time?

Find out more about pumpkin and its effects on dogs in the following article… more

Chocolate Toxicity

Most of the world has an ongoing love affair with chocolate. This sweet, creamy candy is hard to resist! But chocolate’s appeal is not just for humans. Many dogs salivate at the thought of sinking their teeth into even a single piece of this delectable substance.

Sadly, chocolate is toxic for dogs. The following article details the different types of chocolate and their effects and toxicity levels for canines… more

Are Wild Mushrooms Toxic to Pets? 

Many dog owners love to meander the woods in search of wild mushrooms to enjoy with their lunch or evening meal. Yet not all mushrooms are safe for human consumption or for our pets to enjoy. Care must be taken to identify each mushroom variety we bring home to determine if they are safe or toxic for ourselves and our pets.

This article answers the question “Are wild mushrooms toxic to dogs?”… more

Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark a Lot

When it comes time to find a pooch, many families are searching for a dog breed that hits all the high points on their list of “must have” dog traits. For people who live in an apartment or residential neighborhood, noise laws must be carefully observed. To remain compliant with neighborhood expectations, they are on the hunt for a dog breed that doesn’t bark a lot.

If you find yourself looking for a dog that is on the quieter side, check out our list of top breeds that don’t bark a lot… more

When Are Puppies Old Enough to Be Separated from Their Mothers?

There is an increased interest today in learning more about the period between a puppy’s birth and his eventual move to his forever home. One of the most commonly asked questions revolves around how soon a puppy can leave his mother to join his new family.

This article details the transition from a puppy solely dependent upon his mother to his journey to join his new home… more

Health Signs to Never Ignore in Dogs

Knowing the signs to look for as your dog ages is a critical component of keeping your best canine pal healthy. Tragedy can occur quickly if an owner is unprepared to understand important indicators that their dog is in distress. Regular veterinary care is an essential for all pets; however, not every situation is urgent. Being able to recognize the difference between something to keep an eye on and something that could spell an emergency is an important skill all dog owners should have.

Find out more about health signs to never ignore in dogs here… more



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