Should You Attach Your Pet’s Picture to Your Dating Profile?

Picture of a woman and dog

Finding love in the 21st century is dramatically different from what previous generations had to face. With the internet making meeting people simpler than ever before, many people are turning to online dating sites in an attempt to discover true love. Part of the process of meeting people online involves joining the right dating site and creating a profile. The things you choose to include on your profile can have a big impact on the number of “hits” it takes and can make the difference between a “swipe” to the left or the right. When it comes to things to add on your dating profile, is it a good idea to add a photo of your pet? 

Is Adding a Photo of Your Dog or Cat to Your Dating Profile a Good or Bad Idea?

A 2017 study conducted by Stanford University indicated that 39% of heterosexual couples connected through the use of a dating app. With much of the world going digital to find their ideal dating partner, more and more people are beginning to wonder how much of their personal lives to include on an online profile.

Specifically speaking, is it a good idea to post photos of you and your dog or cat or not?

There is no question that some private things should remain private. After all, an aura of mystery is very appealing, and revealing too much too soon can be off-putting; particularly at the beginning of a relationship. That selfie of you looking like the bomb while you’re sitting, pants-less, on the toilet definitely falls within that category. No one needs to see that. Pictures of you cuddling with an ex, pictures that are too revealing, and even pictures of you looking like ten miles of bad road; all of these photos are best left for your eyes only.

However, if you’re on the fence as to whether or not a photo of you and Fido or Fifi crosses the line, you can safely rest assured: experts recommended including photos of you and your pet on your dating profile.

What Makes for the Best Content on Your Dating Profile?

The latest research indicates if you find yourself in a quandary as to what is postable material and what isn’t, the last place you should look for advice is your friends. OnePoll undertook a survey with a sampling of 2,000 US citizens. The results of the survey indicated that 39% of the Americans polled would be more likely to swipe right (say yes!) to a dating profile that proudly displayed at least one picture of a dog.

Why is this?

Well, interestingly enough, many of the respondents shared that their decision was based more on a desire to meet the dog than to connect with the dog’s owner. 63% of the people polled indicated that there was a greater chance of receiving a positive response to a dating profile if the person they were considering posted an adorable picture of their dog. This was particularly true of women who have a soft spot for cute pooches who would be more likely to be interested in a man who shares his life with one.

In 2008 in France, two psychologists conducted some research into the connection between pets and possible dating outcomes. They hired an attractive man to approach women on the street and ask for their phone numbers. For the sake of accurate data, the man approached some women with a dog by his side and others when he was completely alone. The data showed that the unaccompanied man was only granted phone numbers 10% of the time while the presence of a dog increased that percentage to 30%.

What if you own a cat instead of a dog?

A recent survey of a group of more than 600 women shared that greater than 500 of the polled ladies felt a dog was the sexiest pet a man could own with only 75 feeling a cat could assume claim this title. When it comes to sex appeal, there is no question, sharing your life with a dog is gonna get you more game.

Why Are Women Attracted to Men with Dogs?

Making the decision to interact with a stranger online can feel very uncomfortable for a woman. No matter how genuine you may be or how natural your rapport, there is always the feeling that perhaps the other person is too good to be true…or doesn’t exist at all. With incidents like catfishing and fraud becoming common place, women need something to help them feel secure in the person they are opening themselves up to. That’s where a dog can make a difference for you. Men who share their lives with a dog are showing a level of compassion and commitment that helps a woman to feel at ease. After all, it’s highly unlikely a serial killer will take some time out of his regularly scheduled murdering spree to throw the ball around the backyard with his pooch or hit the local dog park.

Women naturally associate a man with a dog as someone who is trustworthy and definitely “partner material.” But just owning a dog isn’t enough. Women like to observe the interactions between a man and his dog to help them understand what kind of bond they share, and what in turn, they may be able to expect if they were in a relationship with said man.

Seeing a man enjoying himself with his dog is a big turn on for many women. The relationship between a man and his dog communicates respect, affection, and love; all qualities women find very desirable in a potential partner.

Another attribute women associate with men who own dogs is their potential as a father in the future. Posting photos that show you doing fun things with your dog breeds a strong correlation in the mind of women with how a man will be with his children down the road. Since properly caring for a dog does require some basic parenting skills, these observations aren’t totally off base.

What about actual kids—to post photos of them or not to post?

When it comes to photos of men with their children, it can be a turn off for some women. If you are a father and a woman chooses to swipe left at the sight of you with one of your kids, you’re really better off in the long run. The rule with children and photos is simply to be honest and direct with anyone who expresses an interest in you after viewing your dating profile.

Picture of a man and a dog

Do Matches Always Translate to Meetings?

The truth is that 50% of those who make use of the dating platform Tinder never actually meet any of the people they form a match with. Research shows the most dedicated Tinder users will frequent the site for greater than 60 minutes each day. However, when the opportunity presents itself to meet some of their matches in real life, many refuse to do so.

Why is this?

The truth is many Tinder users don’t make use of this online dating tool to find a partner. Instead, they like the feeling of being desirable to members of the opposite sex. The attention they receive from swipes to the right helps to improve their self-esteem.

How can posting a photo of a dog on your profile help with this?

Posting a picture of a dog provides a natural starting point for a conversation. Since it can be difficult initiating a conversation with a stranger, dog lovers will organically connect with other dog lovers, providing a springboard for communication between two people who are virtually strangers to each other. As the conversation progresses, it may become apparent that both people own dogs, leading to the opportunity to suggest an outing which can include both people and their dogs. Dogs can help alleviate social pressures on first meetings and dates, helping to resolve feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Should you post a photo of your dog or cat on your dating profile? If you’re on the fence as to whether or not this is a good idea, take your cue from the latest research and do it! Experts report that posting a picture of you with your pet will increase your chances of making a love connection, especially if your pet of choice is a pooch.



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