Interesting Facts and Trivia About the Goldendoodle

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The Doodle craze is sweeping the nation! The Goldendoodle stands at the center of this new dog trend as the first hybrid cross between a Poodle and a different purebred breed. Originally intended to produce puppies that were low to no shedding and with the temperament and intelligence to work as service dogs, the Goldendoodle is still a dog type in its infancy with breeders hard at work to create a consistent look, temperament, and size. The Goldendoodle is one of America’s most beloved designer dogs. His charming teddy bear looks and natural exuberance makes him a delight to be around. His low shedding coat offers a strong appeal for families that suffer from allergies or that prefer a dog that is lower maintenance when it comes to keeping their home clean and hair-free. But the Goldendoodle has much more to offer than just his handsome good looks and winning personality. A highly intelligent breed, the Goldendoodle is a joy to train and takes great pleasure in learning new things. An excellent family companion, the Goldendoodle is loving and affectionate and is particularly good with children. For those who are thinking adding of adding a Goldendoodle to their family, here is our list of the top ten interesting facts and trivia about the Goldendoodle:

The Goldendoodle is believed to be hypoallergenic.

Though there is no truly hypoallergenic dog, there are some dog breeds that are better suited to sharing their home with a family that suffers from allergies than others. Theoretically, by crossing the amiable Golden Retriever with the intelligent Poodle, the resulting offspring should have a coat that is low to no shedding. However, since the breed is still in development, a wide variety of coat types is still possible. This means that some Goldendoodle puppies will have coats that shed little while others will shed more copiously.

Highly intelligent.

The Goldendoodle owes both its athleticism and its intelligence to the winning combination of its sporty Golden Retriever parent and its fiercely intelligent Poodle partner. This dog breed loves to learn and picks up new skills with excitement and ease. This natural tendency toward intelligence makes the breed well suited to many different activities including such dog performance sports as obedience, Rally, agility, scentwork, tracking, and much, much more.

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid that is sometimes referred to as a “designer dog.”

Goldendoodle puppies are produced by breeding a Golden Retriever to a Poodle. To achieve different height variations, the Golden can be bred to a Poodle of toy, miniature, or standard size. When combining two different dog breeds to create a new one, the offspring are referred to as a hybrid. Since the Goldendoodle dog type was born out of a purposeful breeding attempt and not an accidental mating, some refer to the breed as a “designer dog.”

Highly energetic and excel at many activities.

The Goldendoodle has energy to spare and enjoys spending time with its family in active pursuits. A natural born athlete, the Goldendoodle loves the water, a trait he inherits from the Poodle portion of his parentage since the Poodle found its original purpose in retrieving ducks from water on hunts with its owners in its native Germany.

Goldendoodles are highly versatile, excelling at many different sports and activities.

Are excellent with children.

The Goldendoodle is a very sweet natured dog. Loving and affectionate, the breed is patient and kind with children. However, this breed’s size and natural exuberance can mean that this happy pooch is best suited to life in a home with older children as in his zest for life and play with its family he can accidentally knock over his smallest family members. As with all dogs, all interactions between a Goldendoodle and children should be carefully supervised.

Are a very social breed.

Goldendoodles are well renowned for their friendliness. The breed has never met a stranger, greeting family, friends, and other animals with enthusiasm and joy. Since the Goldendoodle freely lavishes its affection on all it meets, it is important for owners to teach this breed proper canine manners as its natural tendency is to jump up on people to give and receive attention.

Because the Goldendoodle is such a social breed, this dog type does not do well when left alone for long periods of time.

Are available in three different coat types.

Because the Goldendoodle is a mixed breed, its coat type can vary. The three coat types a Goldendoodle can have are straight, wavy, or curly. One thing that all three coat types have in common is that they need to be regularly brushed and groomed to prevent matting from occurring. The wavy and curly coats are far harder to maintain than the straight. The Goldendoodle’s coat requires a lot of care.

Goldendoodles are available in many colors.

The Goldendoodle is not always “golden” in color. Because the breed has been created by breeding together two entirely different purebred breeds, a wide variety of color variations is possible. The Golden Retriever’s coat comes in hues ranging from a soft light cream to a rich Irish Setter red. The Poodle contributes to the breed’s color genetics an even wider base of colors, making it possible for families to purchase a Goldendoodle that is orange, cream, dark brown, grey, black, or even multi-colored.

Come in two different sizes.

Goldendoodles come in two different size variants: standard and miniature.

Are known by a number of different names.

Though the name Goldendoodle has become the most commonly used term to refer to this breed, this dog type is known by several other handles as well. The most common terms are Groodles, Doodles, and Goldenpoos. Since there are now many other hybrid breeds that have been created through mating a different purebred dog to a Poodle to produce a new designer dog type, Doodle has become a name that refers to all of these hybrids as one collective group.

If you share your home with a Goldendoodle, your days are filled with fun, joy, and love! To learn more about this delightful new dog type, check out our list of the top ten interesting facts and trivia about the Goldendoodle.



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