Special Events

Events at the Pet Friendly House

Though the Pet Friendly House will only be opened to the media and public for 30 days after it’s completion; we will run additional events at later dates to raise awareness and funding for charities & projects we believe in! 

Prior to reopening the home for these special events; customizations, new artwork and furniture will be added to the home depending on the event. We’ve included pets in each of these events as they are a big part of the family, with us during the good times and bad. When we are not well or need someone hear us out, they are often the best listeners, confidants and couch buddies while we recover.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer Sucks

Our reason for supporting breast cancer research is personal. Amy Beart, mother of our amazing children, talented graphic designer and pet lover battled stage 3 breast cancer and is now cancer free.

For this event we will start by painting some of walls, update the furniture and add colorful flowers throughout the home. We will then fill the house with amazing photographs and paintings of women who have been through, or are going through breast cancer. Needless to say there will be several of our four legged friends decked out in pink to help out, this includes “Ollie”, our 2 year old Retriever/Maramar/Collie mix who has been with us as Amy goes through each stage of cancer treatment.

During this time we will run contests for photoshoots, bras, wigs, makeup etc. with all funds raised going to breast cancer research. Though breast cancer is treated in the hospitals, much of the battle is done at home with family… pets included, something we understand first hand.

Kidney Disease Transplants Save Lives

A Second Chance

This project would not be possible without a selfless donation of a kidney from the founders sister Brenda; the Kidney Foundation, a talented team of doctors & nurses as well as the support staff at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary AB. It has be 13 years since the David received a kidney transplant, it’s still going strong. Needless to say we have some special ideas to promote kidney awareness… but we are keeping them under wraps for now.

Picture of a of Kidney Event
Pets have been part of David’s life since was a child. There have been dogs, cats, birds, fish and a horse. Shreddy, a wheaton cross accompanied him on walks shortly after after the transplant, then Jengo, a Old English/Wolfhound cross after Shreddies passing from old age at 16. David and his family currently have a dog named Ollie.
Quotes About Kidney Disease

Joseph Murray

"Kidney transplants seem so routine now. But the first one was like Lindbergh’s flight across the ocean."

Sarah Hyland

"You know that family is going to be there for you no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin’ kidney! "

Sean Elliott

"I was a healthy young man, and I thought I was invincible before I was diagnosed with kidney disease."