Dating a Dog Lover

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If you are not a dog lover, you may not understand the levels of affection that dog lovers give to their furry four-legged friends. Some dog lovers even kiss their dogs on the mouth… They will share almost every waking moment with their best friend, and if you don’t understand this special connection, you may have problems dating a dog lover. This list exhibits some of the things that you should expect when dating a dog lover:

Our dog is our Family

For a dog lover, a human family member and a dog family member are one in the same. Personally, I call my dogs my “babies”. If anyone questions me on this or suggests otherwise, they should retreat from me very quickly. Oh, and never say “just a dog” – dog lovers simply do not see their precious pooches in that way, and you could end up insulting someone very fast.

We Kiss Our Dogs

I couldn’t leave for work without giving each of my dogs a great big kiss on the head. I let them lick my face, and I don’t care if they “lick their butts with that tongue”. Dog lovers love sharing intimate moments with their dogs.

We Have Special Voices Reserved for Speaking to Our Dogs

Some people have special voices that they use to speak to babies… dog lovers have special voices that they use to speak to their dogs. The best part? We often forget that we are even doing it! If you don’t like it, don’t comment. Invest in some headphones to drown us out.

Our Dogs are Our Priority

Our dogs will always take priority, especially if they’ve been involved in our life for longer than you have. If our dog is sick, or hurt, or just seems like it needs a little extra attention, we will most likely cancel plans to tend to our dogs.

We Are Great at Cuddling

We have had a lot of practice snuggling with our perfect pooches. We are basically professional cuddlers! If you’re going to pursue a relationship with a dog lover, you must first accept that fact that you will be cuddling with both of us – a dog lover and their dog.

We are Very Loyal

By committing to a dog, people give up a huge chunk of their old lives. Dogs are a lot of commitment, and you can expect to receive the same level of commitment when you decide to date a dog lover.

We Expect You to Love Our Dog as Much as We Do

If you’re going to love a dog lover, prepare to love their furry friend too. If you do not show tremendous amounts of love toward our dog then this can be quite off-putting for us dog lovers.

We Will Take Good Care of You

We tend to all our dog’s needs. When they are hungry, we feed them. When they are active, we walk them. When they poop, we clean it up. You can expect the same levels of care if you decide to date a dog lover. Yes – we will even clean up your poop. Joking of course! You can clean up your own poop.

Prepare to be Active

If you date a dog owner who has an active dog, it would be a good idea to go on the long hikes that the dog takes. This will not only increase your bond with your new romance, but also with the dog. Hiking is a great date idea too. Suggest it to your dog lover date and prepare to be in their good books for weeks!

You Are Also Expected to Treat a Dog Lovers’ Dog as Extended Family

You will be expected to treat the new dog in your life more as a younger sibling than just a dog. Come prepared with treats and toys to really get into the dogs’ (and your new partners’) good books!

A few other things that you should note if you decide to date a dog lover are that you should respect your dates’ love for dogs. Your dog lover partner will have a passion for dogs, especially their own, so you should respect this and engage in conversation about dogs. Even try initiating some of this conversation yourself! You should also prepare yourself to meet the dog for the first time. As mentioned above, bringing treats and toys is a great idea. Ask questions about the dog before you meet it so that when you do finally meet your new partners’ precious pooch it will seem like you have known them for years!

If you don’t like dogs, be honest with your new partner and try to learn to love at least their dog. And if you can’t stand dogs? Maybe dating a dog lover isn’t for you.



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