Pet Safety – Hazards around the House

There are many safety hazards around the house and we will examine here. They range poisonous cleaning supplies to less thought about issues like carbon monoxide, electrical hazards and fire & smoke

Carbon Monoxide is as deadly to you as it is to your pet, do you have alarms set in place.

Like carbon monoxide, fire and smoke affect us all. If your at work, the dog can bark as much as he can, but he can’t alert you or the fire department about a fire, this is why we suggest that all homes have an alarm system in place.

Electrical issues can happen in a number of ways when it comes to pets. Cats and dogs may chew your cords when can cause the death of the pet or an electrical fire. Then there is the problem of some of the products you buy for them. Though not so much with dogs/cats, an aquarium does have several problems as you combine electricity and products that run the aquarium. These range from filtration systems to lights, heaters & automated feeders. There is also the issue of plugging to many products into one socket.