The Project - Pet Friendly House
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 And by WHOLE family— we mean mom, dad, the kids, grandparents AND the pet-children, alike. A home that is tough enough for the kids and resilient enough for the pets to tussle around without worry. Not to mention easy to clean, economically friendly and perfectly designed with both immense style and comfort in mind. In other words, a house any family would be proud to call HOME!

At Professor’s House, that’s EXACTY what we’re doing.

Designing an affordable home—from the ground up—that answers the needs of all family members, whether two- or four-legged. A home that is customizable in size, design and finish—as to be the perfect housing blueprint for today’s distinct modern family.

Welcome the world’s first, one and only Pet Friendly House!

We’re not talking decorating a few rooms with doggie themed wallpaper. We’re talking a real home—designed in part by you, our viewers. A home that will be featured on this website—from the design stage, through construction, to the final finishing touches.

Our home will not only incorporate family AND pet conscious design; it will be environmentally friendly and affordable.

Pet friendly design starts with the home’s exterior, including:

  • Easy care lawn/landscaping
  • Pet containment and fencing
  • Pet exterior access doors
  • Energy efficient windows and siding
  • Low VOC paints

Interior design elements and features focus on comfort, versatility and durability, including:

  • Energy efficient heating, plumbing, lighting and appliances
  • Allergen/odor reducing air filters
  • Functionally crafted cabinets
  • Low VOC paints
  • Durable, eco-friendly flooring
  • Pet friendly fabrics and furnishings
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Pet friendly mudroom
  • Cat friendly windowsills
  • Professional series vacuum

. . . And, much, much more!

You might ask why build a pet friendly home?

Well for one thing, pet ownership in North America has greatly increased over the last 20 years. Currently, over 50 percent of households own at least one pet—these pets are definitely part of the family. And, we at believe that simplifying the pet ownership experience means less day-to-day hassles and fewer furry companions ending up in shelters and/or foster care.

Our mission is not to build a tricked out mansion for affluent homeowners and their designer dogs and cats. Our mission is to educate our viewers about the joys of pet ownership, as well as how to simplify the daily family experience for all members, two- and four-legged. . . and a few fish, too.

We know that pet ownership sometimes can be difficult. Those furry little beasts we love so much do a number on our furniture, clothes, flooring and automobiles. And, let’s not forget yards and outdoor space! Spring rains make mud a puppy’s best friend and your carpet’s worst nightmare. Consequently, winter snow end ups on the hardwood floors, seemingly miles from the back door!

Through the Pet Friendly House, this website will offer our viewers information and tips about the best family AND pet friendly products, services and design features available to and afforded by the average North American household.

A few of the many valuable tips and information we will offer include:

  • Carpet cleaning tips, to the most appropriate carpet grades specifically for kids and pets
  • Choosing the perfect kitten, to advice on how to train your cat to NOT scratch your furniture
  • Environmentally conscious pet care products, to child safe, green cleaning aids
  • Pet food storage tips, to functionally crafted cabinets
  • Automobile accessories, to tips on traveling with kids and pets
  • Child and pet friendly play areas, to the safest easy care landscaping and outdoor design

. . . The list goes on, and it is comprehensive and fun. . . From the tried and true, to the new and unexpected.

Our journey to design and build the Pet Friendly House is just beginning.

We are excited to offer this interactive experience to our viewers. Don’t just follow our journey—make it your own! We invite you to send us your design ideas, most innovative and affordable product choices and best family and pet friendly tips.

Together we can design a home around ALL of YOUR family’s needs! And, in the process, we’ll simplify the pet ownership experience and make a difference in all our family members’ lives—two- and four-legged, alike!  – “A house is not a home without a pet.”