The first home to ever be designed for the needs and comforts of the pet-owning family.


Our Goals for the Project

The goals are to create a mid-price range home which is uncommonly beautiful yet unusually durable and easy to maintain not only for pet-owning families but for the broad public as well.

Once the house is completed it will be opened to the media and public, sold, and all profits for the sale will be donated to charity. We hope to raise over 50K


A Home for the Whole Family

And by WHOLE family— we mean mom, dad, the kids, grandparents AND the pet-children, alike. A home that is tough enough for the kids and resilient enough for the pets to tussle around without worry. Not to mention easy to clean, economically friendly and perfectly designed with both immense style and comfort in mind. In other words, a house any family would be proud to call HOME! … more


Why Build It?

With over 60% of all homes containing pets in North America, we think that it only makes sense to build a home with pets in mind. It is also a fun way to raise money for charity while creating awareness for causes like organ donation and autism.



Learn more about the charities we will support through the sale of the house once it is completed … more



The Pet Friendly House will include a “room for the dog”, a 270 gallery aquarium, doggie shower…etc.



Check out the following 2 and 3D graphics of the Dog’s Room – More