Pet Friendly Living Room

The Pet Friendly House Project

A unique marketing project that partners household products and pets to raise awareness and funding for charities.

Our Goals for the Project

Our goal for this project is to raise awareness and funding for a few special organizations. These include the Kidney Foundation, Behind the Smile, Autism Assistance Dog Guides and a local pet rescue.

Funds will be raised by selling the house at the end of the project. As many of the supplies/trades have been donated or discounted, we believe we can raise a minimum  of  50K… more

A Home for the Whole Family

And by WHOLE family— we mean mom, dad, the kids, grandparents AND the pet-children, alike. A home that is tough enough for the kids and resilient enough for the pets to tussle around without worry. Not to mention easy to clean, economically friendly and perfectly designed with both immense style and comfort in mind. In other words, a house any family would be proud to call HOME! … more

Why Build the House?

It has been said that a house is not a home without a pet.  It seems that a growing number of people take the popular saying to heart.  Statistics prove that pet ownership is at an all-time high and the numbers just keep increasing as does the love for our four legged canines and felines.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that 68% of the homes contain at least one pet… more

Advertising Opportunities

The Professors’ House knows that companies such as yours are also looking for ways to reach the consumers who are ready, willing and able to invest in quality, workmanship and convenience. With the help of our partners, our home will offer all three… more


Million Dogs In North America


Million Cats in North America


Percent of U.S. households own a pet


Billion Spent on pets each year in USA

Pets in the Home

With pets being in over 50% of all homes in North Amercia, shouldn’t homes be built with them in mind?



If you ever been in the home of a pet owner, you will often find a dog or cat snuggled in a chair, couch or maybe even on the bed… more



Flooring is one of the most overlooked items when a house is built, unfortunately more thought goes into appearance than durability… more


Clean Air

Unfortunately not everyone can enjoy the love that comes from a dog or cat, partially because  of the dander they produce… more

Famous Pet Quotes